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New Patients at Advanced Health Center

What surprises people the most about their care from Dr. Keeler is the sensitivity and insight that he garners from the muscle response testing (MRT) that is the foundation of all treatment plans. As Dr. Keeler says, MRT gives him access to what the body is asking for to operate as designed. After listening to you describe your symptoms, he uses MRT to listen o what your body is telling him about the interventions and care that you need. His approach to patient care is based on integrity, respect, and honesty.

The Initial Consultation

Advanced Health Center offers free personal consultations withDr. Keeler. We are not a “high volume” practice that operates according to the limitations of insurance coverage. Rather, Dr. Keeler gives each patient the time and attention that is necessary to appropriately define an effective plan of care.

Before your appointment, we ask for your contact information, including mail address and cell phone number. You receive a link to our online patient registration portal. Within 24 hours, you will hear from us to discuss your insurance benefits and we will help you understand your coverage.

In preparation for your appointments, we ask that you wear loose, comfortable clothing. Dr. Keeler performs range of motion movements during the visit, as well as muscle response testing. Wearing loose clothing ensure that you can complete the exam comfortably.

Expect your first appointment to be about 60 to 90 minutes. When you arrive at our practice, you are warmly greeted by a member of our team. We explain how to use our kiosk to check-in, provide personal information, and complete an assessment. Dr. Keeler greets you in the waiting area, and takes you to the treatment area. He reviews the information that you provided through the kiosk to guide his examination and treatment suggestions. He asks clarifying questions to ensure that he has a complete picture of your symptoms.

During the physical exam, he performs several range of motion, neurologic, and orthopedic tests combined with muscle response testing. You lie comfortably on your back on a table while he demonstrates the MRT technique and explains his process. In all, Dr. Keeler tests approximately 50 muscles in your body. He then asks you to lie on your stomach, and he continues the MRT examination.

After his examination, Dr. Keeler explains his findings, and a member of our team prepares notes and handouts for home self-care. He takes the time needed to listen to your questions and provide thoughtful responses.

You may be a little sore after your first appointment with Dr. Keeler, and he will recommend ways to feel more comfortable, such as stretches, ice packs, and warm compresses. The discomfort is an indication that areas of your body have been unblocked and balanced.
If you have any questions after your appointment, we are available by email or phone. We also invite you to share feedback with us.

When You Return

A follow-up appointment with Dr. Keeler lasts 15 minutes. An assessment and treatment is part of every appointment at Advanced Health Center. He follows up on your progress, answers your questions, and addresses your concerns during the treatment. He also provides feedback about positive changes to your body, as well as any new problems that are found.


After your treatment with Dr. Keeler, our front staff takes care of the financial part of the appointment. We accept many insurances, and we accept major credit cards.

Ready to Book?

Are you ready to see a new side of chiropractic care? Call us today at (360) 715-9010 to schedule a free personal consultation with Dr. Keeler.


New Patients at Advanced Health Center | (360) 715-9010