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Chiropractic Care

At Advanced Health Center, we use a different approach to chiropractic care. In the most traditional sense, chiropractic treatment is a type of manual therapy that aims to improve pain, limited range of motion, and other symptoms. Dr. Keeler takes chiropractic care to a higher level by using a whole-body approach that considers your physical health, overall well-being, and quality of life.

Through his use of various techniques, including muscle response testing, Dr. Keeler safely and effectively resolves many issues through manual adjustments, injury treatments, exercise, nutrition, and much more. The goal is much more than reducing pain. Instead, Dr. Keeler promotes natural healing within your body.

When describing chiropractic care to his patients, Dr. Keeler describes the human body as a system with interconnected parts. Your body has nerves that conduct electrical impulses to muscles, organs, and other structures. Maintaining normal nerve function to all parts maximizes your body’s ability to stay healthy and move through life without pain.

Dr. Keeler uses muscle response testing (MRT) to tap into the electrical circuitry of your body to discover misalignments and malfunctions. Through the technique, he can identify which muscles are being turned on and off properly and which ones are “blocked.”

MRT is a technique that is used by neurologists and orthopedists. Dr. Keeler asks you to hold a part of your body in a specific position while he applies a gentle pressure against gravity. If you are able to hold the position, it demonstrates that your muscles are responding appropriately. If you are unable to resist the gentle pressure, it shows that the circuitry to the area of the body is blocked. You may realize that one side of your body is unblocked while the other side is blocked. Dr. Keeler is also able to determine the degree of electrical malfunction by how much the part of your body moves.

Dr. Keeler distinguishes himself from other chiropractors by using a blend of techniques chosen specifically for you rather than a typical “one size fits all” approach to patient care planning. Based on his findings from MRT, he determines exactly what you need to alleviate your symptoms, restore range of motion, and improve your quality of life. Whether you have a muscle or joint issue in an extremity or spinal region, he knows exactly how to help!

  • Soft tissue techniques for muscular issues
  • Adjustive techniques for joint problems in the spine and extremities
  • Stress release for emotional components
  • At-home self-care recommendations, such as stretches
  • Nutrition to give your building the best possible building blocks

Combining techniques is proven to provide people with the long-term results that they want and deserve from their chiropractic treatments. Dr. Keeler uses techniques that are rarely used by other chiropractors, yet are effective and safe.

  • Handheld instruments
  • Drop table
  • Manual adjustment

  • Cranial-Sacral
  • Active release

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