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After being diagnosed with low testosterone, my MD recommended hormone replacement therapy.  I was so eager for relief, I was ready to begin treatments right away; even though they were expensive and lifelong.  My wife suggested I consult Dr. Keeler.  He really listened to me and researched the issues I was having.  He recommended a science-based regimen of diet, exercise, and supplements to increase my testosterone naturally.  I followed the regime diligently and in about six weeks my testosterone doubled.  My symptoms are gone and I feel great.  My energy is back and my chronic digestive issues are resolved.  I highly recommend Dr. Keeler. -

Gary, Firefighter

A variety of sports injury issues as well as migraines brought me to Dr. Keeler's office.  I am a masters track and field athlete and compete at the national and international levels of indoor pentathlon and pole vault.  As a result, I tend to push my performance and expect a lot out of my body.

Through Dr. Keeler's treatment, I experienced accelerated recovery from injuries which give less down time and more training opportunities.  My general performance overall is enhanced (faster, stronger, more flexible).  Additionally I experience a better quality of motion everyday.  Migraine frequency and severity have been reduced.  Treatment has strengthened my immune system, and as such, I experience fewer illnesses, have more energy and my range of motion has been set free for life! 


In the past, I have been to other Chiropractors.  In conversing with other members in my trade of glass blowing, a friend spoke about how Dr. Keeler performed muscle testing and adjusted the whole being.  I tried his methods and I have been coming back for years.

After treatment, I always regain my range of movement and leave with a grounded sense of well being.  An unexpected benefit was I realized my body can be younger with care.  My two sons also come to Dr. Keeler for treatment.  They both play soccer and benefit greatly.


Since childhood I have been experiencing extreme embarrassment and pain when I would have an outbreak of cold sores on my lips. Originally I went to Dr. Keeler in Bellingham, WA. for back pain, which he helped me with.  While in Dr. Keeler's office I overheard him teaching other patients about the 6 steps to wellness.  This peaked my curiousity!  Long story short Dr. Keeler did a total body scan on me and made some interesting reccomendations.  Since following his recommended treatment, I have not had a cold sore break out.  This has given me a lot more confidence to be out and around other people, and has saved me a lot of embarassment.  Thank you Dr. Keeler for teaching me another way of addressing my health.   ~   Julie

I owe my life to Dr. Keeler.  He is magic.  I was able to stop taking medication for my back.  No pain pills of any kind since Dec.1st.  The healing power and the total detox was exactly what I needed.  Your methods helped me get emotionally and physically strong.  Thanks!  I wish you were here in Redding, CA.  I met a girl (23) who is where I was before you helped me.  I wish you all a wonderful year!  Thanks for being the only Dr. out of litarally hundreds that helped heal me, mind, body, and spirit. ~ 

For years I suffered with stomach pains and irregular bowel habits.  This may not seem like a huge health challenge to some, however for me, it was interupting my quality of life.  Dr. Keeler's 6 step to wellness approach not only helped me with my abdominal problems, but it has helped my overall health.  I now have more energy, no pain, and I don't get illness bugs that go around my workplace.

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